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Navigation within Medicaid is very straight forward and consistent. The main areas that you will encounter when using the system are:

User Bar

If you are logged in, the user bar contains links to your home page User Home, your user profile User Profile, any tasks that are assigned to you Task, and a dropdown list Group allowing you to easily move between your groups. The user bar also contains links to register or login if you are not logged in, and a link to logout if you are. Help is always available in the user bar.

Page Title and Breadcrumb Trail

The page title, just below the user bar, shows the title of the page you are viewing and optionally a breadcrumb trail and a search box. The breadcrumb trail shows you where you are in the folder and menu hierarchy and allows you to move back up the trail to any point. The search box lets you quickly search for items in the group.

Side Menu

The side menu includes all of the menu items that are available to you in the current context. It can also show some or part of the folder hierarchy in the group. You can view folders by clicking on the folder name in the side menu.

Action Items

The action item list is located at the bottom of the page. It contains links to actions that are available to you for the current page.

Dynamic Containers

Information is often shown on screen in containers. Sometimes, if there is a lot of information to show, a container will have a [More...] link shown. If you click on this link then the container will expand to show the full list of information and the [More...] link will be replaced with a [Less...] link that will shrink the container again.


Lists are used throughout Medicaid to render tabulated information. There are a number of useful navigation items available on lists:

  • Sorting - columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. Arrows indicate whether the list is sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Paging - lists can show a specified number of rows per page. The default is set to 10, but you can change this by selecting a new value from the 'rows' dropdown (if available). If there are two or more pages of information in the list then you will also be presented with paging links allowing you to move to the next or page. There may also be a 'goto page' dropdown that allows you to go directly to a specific page number.


Forms allow you to enter data. Data can be entered via typing text into input boxes, or clicking on checkboxes or radio buttons, or selecting an entry from a dropdown list. When you enter data into a form it will not be saved until you click on the button at the bottom of the form.


When viewing a folder or other item, you may also be able to view lists of related information about that item shown near the bottom of the view. To expand or hide each list, just click on the list title.

  • Related Items - shows other items that have been associated with this one
  • Comments - shows user comments added to this item

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