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NE Substance Use Disorder Demo

  • Nebraska Substance Use Disorder Section 1115 Demonstration - Pending Application (modified: 11 months ago)
    On November 27, 2018, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services submitted an initial request to the Medicaid Coverage for the NE Substance Use Disorder section 1115 demonstration. The new request proposes the following: 1. A waiver of the 15-day monthly maximum on Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Institute for Mental Disease (IMD) utilization for members ages 21-64, and 2. A waiver of the requirement imposed by 42 CFR 438.6(e) that for purposes of capitation rate setting, that utilization of the substitute services identified in that that section be priced by the state and its contracted actuary at the cost of the same services delivered in state plan settings. . The federal public comment period will be open from December 6, 2018 to January 5, 2019.