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Arkansas Works

  • Arkansas Works Act of 2016 (modified: 3 years ago)
    Arkansas submitted an application to extend its 1115 demonstration and make changes to the demonstration in response to the Arkansas Works Act of 2016. The state proposes several changes to the demonstration goals to modernize its Medicaid program and make it "fiscally sustainable, cost-effective and opportunity-driven". The state proposes requiring mandatory enrollment into employer sponsored coverage if employed new adult group eligibles have access. Other requests include charging premiums for Arkansas Works enrollees with household incomes above 100% of the federal poverty level, discontinuing Health Independence Accounts and eliminating retroactive coverage to align benefits with the health insurance marketplace. Arkansas will continue to use the health insurance marketplace as its delivery system for the new adult group and provide wrap around benefits not covered by qualified health plans. The federal public comment period is open July 8, 2016 and closes August 8, 2016.
  • Arkansas Works Amendment (modified: 2 years ago)
    Arkansas requests to amend their demonstration to limit income eligibility to less than or equal to 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and initiate work requirements as a condition of eligibility. The state is also requesting elimination of the employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) premium assistance program and will no longer provide retroactive eligibility for the new adult group. The federal public comment period will be open from July 11, 2017 to August 10, 2017.