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Mississippi Family Planning Demostration

  • Mississippi Family Planning Demostration (modified: 5 years ago)
    Mississippi has submitted an application to renew its 1115 demonstration that provides family planning and family planning-related services to women ages 13 through 44. With this renewal, the state proposes to add eligibility for men ages 13 through 44.
  • Mississippi Family Planning Waiver (modified: 2 years ago)
    Mississippi is requesting an extension of its "Mississippi Family Planning Waiver" section 1115 demonstration that extends family planning services to women of childbearing age that have a family income at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level, and who otherwise do not have creditable health insurance coverage. The state would like to extend its demonstration without any programmatic changes. This demonstration is designed to increase the number of low-income persons who receive family planning and family planning related services throughout the state of Mississippi and to promote awareness of the importance and benefits of birth spacing by participants. The federal public comment period will be open from June 5, 2017 through July 5, 2017.