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New Hampshire Health Protection Program Premium Assistance Pending Application - Extension Application

New Hampshire has submitted an application to extend its section 1115 demonstration titled, "New Hampshire Health Protection Program (NHHPP) Premium Assistance" demonstration for the next five years, which the state requests to rename "Granite Advantage Health Care Program." The application seeks to make several changes to the demonstration effective January 1, 2019, in accordance with the provisions adopted by the New Hampshire State Legislature in Senate Bill 313 and now enacted in law. In particular, the state seeks to: 1) provide beneficiaries' healthcare through the State's managed care delivery system rather than the current Premium Assistance Program; 2) eliminate retroactive coverage to Medicaid beneficiaries; 3) require documentation of citizenship and residency to determine Medicaid eligibility; and 4) apply an asset test to the Medicaid expansion population. The federal public comment period should be open from August 3, 2018 through September 2, 2018.

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