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New Hampshire Health Protection Program Premium Assistance - 2017 Amendment

New Hampshire requests an amendment to its section 1115 demonstration to implement work requirements as a condition of eligibility for newly eligible adults who are unemployed. Beneficiaries would be required to engage in at least 20 hours per week of employment and/or training activity initially, 25 hours after being enrolled in for 12 months, and 30 hours after being enrolled in for 24 months over the lifetime of the beneficiary. Exemptions will be made for beneficiaries who are non-able-bodied; are temporarily unable to participate due to illness or incapacity certified by a licensed provider; are participating in a state-certified drug court program; are a parent or caretaker where care is considered necessary by a licensed provider; or are a parent or caretaker of a dependent child under 6 years of age. The state will determine good cause and other exemptions to termination. The federal public comment period will be open from November 2, 2017 through December 2, 2017.

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