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Iowa Wellness Plan - Amendment

Iowa requests an amendment to the Iowa Wellness Plan 1115 Demonstration. The amendment proposes eliminating the three-month period of retroactive eligibility for all Medicaid beneficiaries effective for new applications or new add-on requests. This amendment will impact all Iowa Medicaid enrollees currently eligible for retroactive eligibility. The state will continue to operate its presumptive eligibility program to provide Medicaid for a limited time while the formal Medicaid eligibility determination is being made. Beneficiaries will continue to receive coverage effective with the first day of the month in which their Medicaid application was filed, or as otherwise allowed by the state plan. For beneficiaries submitting a renewal, Iowa will continue to provide a 90-day reconsideration period. The federal comment period will be open from August 8, 2017 through September 7, 2017.

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