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Questionnaire NameMaineCare
DescriptionMaine is requesting to implement work requirements as a condition of eligibility, monthly premiums for specific populations, and requiring co-pays for certain procedures that qualify as non-emergency usage of emergency rooms. In addition, Maine proposes to use asset tests in eligibility determinations and applying a transfer penalty to Medicaid-compliant annuities. Finally, Maine proposes to terminate the hospital presumptive eligibility policy option and providing initial non-long-term retroactive eligibility. The federal public comment period will be open from August 17, 2017 through September 16, 2017.
Response FromID: #310325 on Aug 18th 2017 5:54 am


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Open for Public Comment – 8/17/17 – 9/16/17

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My experience with chronic health conditions places me in a quandary. I am not healthy or able to work which has already been established by the Federal government. I also have difficulty meeting my monetary obligations. I really need my medications that provide me a somewhat okay existence. I do not know how they would make a person that is unable to work. I also require community assistance. Also what about the elderly that like me are unable to work. I think the Maine government has to help those that are unable to work. There is a responsibility that needs to be addressed to prevent people who are sick from being exploited and abused. Just listening and reading about the way the poor and low income are being presented is a misleading untruth. Please protect us from this abuse. I beg and pray you hear my words. Thank you for your time.
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