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Questionnaire NameKentucky HEALTH
DescriptionOn August 24, 2016, Kentucky submitted an application to CMS for a five year section 1115 demonstration, entitled "Kentucky HEALTH." All non-disabled individuals under age 65 covered by Medicaid, including the new adult group, parents and caretakers, children, pregnant women, and medically frail, would be impacted by this demonstration that will use a managed care delivery system structured as a high deductible health plan with two health care spending accounts. The proposal includes elements including, required premium and copayments; required work and community engagement activities; benefit redesign; an employer sponsored insurance premium assistance program; a waiver of non-emergency medical transportation; and a substance use disorder pilot program. The federal comment period will be open from September 8, 2016 through October 8, 2016.
Response FromID: #217825 on Sep 8th 2016 6:26 pm
Kentucky HEALTH

Kentucky HEALTH

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Open for Public Comment – 9/8/16 – 10/8/16

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As a physician in the state of Kentucky for over 20 years, I have been an advocate for co-pays and premiums for years. It was not unusual to have patients seen in the office for several days in a row for the same minor illness only to have them ask for nothing more than a work or school note. This was an incredible waste of resources that could have and should have been used for more pressing illnesses in people with true needs. A simple small co-pay likely keeps them from coming to the office. I am also very much in favor of the work proposal, there are so many jobs that can be done by able bodied people on Medicaid that are now being put on back burners such as road construction, roadside trash pickup and homeless shelter meal servers. I think it's time Kentucky and America stops giving everything away for nothing in return. Let these people work hard for their benefits and gain self respect and pride in what they do. This may help them get the confidence to seek permanent employment and thus employer health insurance so they can exit the Medicaid rolls altogether.
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