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Questionnaire NameTennCare II - Amendment 38
DescriptionTennessee proposes to amend its demonstration to add community engagement requirements as a condition of eligibility for certain individuals age 19 through 64 who are enrolled in the parent/caretaker relative eligibility group. The federal public comment period will be open from January 8, 2019 to February 7, 2019.
Response FromID: #397561 on Jan 16th 2019 10:23 pm
TennCare II - Amendment 38

TennCare II - Amendment 38

We encourage the public to submit their comments on as they relate to demonstrations open for public comments. In support of transparency and open government, all public comments received are immediately posted and are in the public domain. Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services staff will review all public comments posted and we reserve the discretion to delete comments that are generally understood as any of the following: obscene, profane, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

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Open for Public Comment – 1/8/19 – 2/7/19

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In response to your proposed work requirements for Medicaid, put simply, no, no, no. It may sound good but there is so much that is faulty. How will the work requirements be recorded? Will people be told to log hours into a website? Although it may seem simple, esp in today’s world, not everyone has easy access to the internet. Cell phones have internet. I’m typing from my phone right now. The problem is not everyone has a grandfathered unlimited data program that I have. Buy more data! With limited funds that may not be feasible. Most Medicaid patients are not the top tier earners. In fact, I would say that’s basically a requirement to be eligible. Life is not black and white. I’m not on Medicaid. Hopefully, I won’t be in the position the need Medicaid but it’s not a sign of faulty character. Without going on and on about the flaws that may pop up when we look at new job statistics, I will sign off. This proposal isn’t some big money saver. We shouldn’t take away from our most vulnerable people. We should do what we can to help keep these people healthy.
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