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Questionnaire NameKentucky Health - Proposed Modifications to Application
DescriptionOn August 24, 2016, Kentucky submitted an application for a five year section 1115 demonstration, entitled "Kentucky HEALTH." On July 3, 2017, Kentucky submitted modifications to the pending HEALTH demonstration application, which removes their request to expand presumptive eligibility sites, removes the graduated hour requirements for the community engagement and employment requirement, and requests authority to implement a lockout for failure to report a change in circumstance. The federal public comment period will be open from July 3, 2017 through August 2, 2017.
Response FromID: #229517 on Jul 30th 2017 6:44 pm
Kentucky HEALTH - Proposed Modifications to Application

Kentucky HEALTH - Proposed Modifications to Application

We encourage the public to submit their comments on as they relate to demonstrations open for public comments. In support of transparency and open government, all public comments received are immediately posted and are in the public domain. Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services staff will review all public comments posted and we reserve the discretion to delete comments that are generally understood as any of the following: obscene, profane, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate.

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Open for Public Comment – 7/3/17 – 8/2/17

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I live in Bell County and Medicaid saved my life. Medicaid saved my life. Had surgery I wouldn't have gotten to have otherwise without surgery. Found a tumor at age 26 that would have killed me. These changes will either kill us or ruin our quality of our already terrible lives, would take away even our health, or our right to be healthy. Opioid epidemic, hep c, and now we won't even have any sort of help other than running emergency room bills for bronchitis. I'll pretend that the Bevin administration cares about the health and quality of life of those of us in Eastern Kentucky even though I know better... How many times has the administration even been here? We are a statistic to you, and easier to kick off medicaid and let die and tell yourself you did something, because we won't be visible anymore. We can't complain about these changes once you kill us by making them. Great plan. The Bevin administration doesn't care if poor people die. I live in Eastern Kentucky. I will always be below the poverty line. There's no job for me that will ever change that. Community engagement of what? There's nothing here but pills and depression. No jobs, no money, just waiting for help that'll never come.
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