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Virginia GAP and ARTS Delivery System Transformation - Extension Request

Dec 14th 2018 1:18 pm Response: #388605 I am writing with regard to Virginia’s 1115 waiver application and my opposition to certain components of it. The federal government has stated that it will not provide states with Medicaid funding to finance job related services for individuals. This will put all of the responsibility on Virginia to provide things like job training, child care, transportation, and other programs to help people to meet the proposed requirement. Poor people cannot afford this.
The Medicaid population often suffers from language barriers, disabilities, mental illness, insecure work, frequent moves, and homelessness. All these factors create significant challenges to successfully navigate growingly complicated government programs. Please take my thoughts and concerns into consideration.
Dec 14th 2018 1:26 pm Response: #388609 I oppose the proposed 1115 Medicaid Waiver in Virginia and would like to make a public comment about it. People who qualify for Medicaid need reliable health care access just like everyone does. Access to care is important to maintaining a job and living a productive life. There should not be barriers like this proposal contains. Please make necessary improvements to the proposed draft. Thank you for your consideration.
Dec 14th 2018 1:34 pm Response: #388613 The following comments are in regard to the proposed Medicaid waiver application to CMS. Losing health coverage for someone with a chronic illness would be devastating. Being locked out of health care due to failure to reporting work activities or being unable to pay monthly premiums could lead to terrible health outcomes for many Virginians.
A benefit of expanding Medicaid was to make it possible for people to access care and have a relationship with a doctor that allows them to receive treatment for simple health issues before they become more serious and difficult to treat. Adding monthly premiums, removes the opportunity for many people to get this benefit. Given the hard choices families living in poverty have to make, it is likely that premium payments could fall behind. I am thankful that the public was given this important opportunity to comment.
Dec 14th 2018 1:42 pm Response: #388617 This comment is directed toward certain aspects of Virginia’s Medicaid waiver application. In states with requirements like the ones in this proposal, the results were that nearly half of the new adults enrolled in Medicaid expansion ended up losing coverage. Virginia needs a program that has a better success rate than that. Removing some of the proposed restrictions would help to improve access.
Virginians with Medicaid coverage who can work are working. However, if a work requirement is implemented, the state would subject these people to more paperwork, more hurdles, and more loopholes to prove they are working and meeting the new proposed rules. The state can support work without adding more administrative burden. I appreciate the time you have taken to read my comments. I hope they result in improvements to the program.
Dec 14th 2018 1:50 pm Response: #388621 TO ALL CONCERNED: As a healthcare advocate, I do not support the changes outlined in Virginia’s 1115 Medicaid waiver draft. The Medicaid program is a pro-work program. When folks in our state have access to the care they need, they can take care of their health needs, go to work, and contribute to their communities. However, by kicking people off of the Medicaid rolls, the state will reduce access to care, worsen health outcomes and make it hard for people to find and keep work.
The Medicaid population often suffers from language barriers, disabilities, mental illness, insecure work, frequent moves, and homelessness. All these factors create significant challenges to successfully navigate growingly complicated government programs. Please keep the best interest of Virginia’s working families in mind as you consider my thoughts.
Healthcare is a human right! Every person deserves to have the best health possible. Good health is what allows a person to be a productive, contributing member of society..
Please do the humane thing!
With All Sincerity and Respect,
Vicki Campbell, BSN, RN
Dec 14th 2018 1:58 pm Response: #388625 Please consider the following concerns surrounding the waiver for the VA Medicaid program. Taking away people's health care does not make sense. There is research that shows that when people have access to health coverage, they are more likely to take care of their health care needs and are able to be more productive.
Adding monthly premiums to Medicaid will cost people too much money. The point of Medicaid is to give people an affordable way to get health insurance. People with very low income are particularly sensitive to any additional cost. I am hopeful that you change the proposed waiver.
Dec 14th 2018 2:02 pm Response: #388629 This letter is in opposition to the burdensome requirements proposed for Virginians with Medicaid in Virginia. I hope you will take my views into account. So many factors in this proposed program put access to care at risk. There is no reason for this to be the case. Parts of this plan that call access into question must be removed in order for it to be effective.
Working requirements make it harder for the state to enroll people. The result of that is that people without coverage will still use expensive emergency room treatment for health problems that are not emergencies. This will mean that the cost savings to the state and the entire system will not be what it should be. Thank you taking all of my comments under consideration.
Dec 14th 2018 2:10 pm Response: #388633 The comments in this email should be considered in relation to Virginia’s Medicaid waiver application. Medicaid work requirements may cause Virginians to lose or see an interruption in their coverage because their hours at work fluctuate so often, especially in industries such as food services and construction. We should not penalize Virginians for things that are out of their control. Please take my comments and those of others seriously.
My experience with the TANF work requirements was negative because we could not find enough work sites or volunteer opportunities for TANF recipients.
May I also add that being eligible for Medicare should not make you disqualified for Medicaid. I client should get the program that better meets their need. Medicare often doesn't meet the needs of a young disabled individual as well as medicaid would. The service that best match the clients should be made avialable for someone on SS disability for mental disability and medicaid is better for these clients.
Dec 14th 2018 2:18 pm Response: #388637 As an advocate for expanded healthcare coverage, I am writing to you regarding my concerns with this waiver application.
Please give consideration to my views:
- Monthly premiums included in the waiver could possibly lead to medical debt that many people on Medicaid can afford. This should not be an outcome for many individuals in the program.
Thank you for considering this perspective.
Dec 14th 2018 2:26 pm Response: #388641 Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this important issue. I am writing in opposition to Virginia’s 1115 waiver for the COMPASS program. Virginians should not be penalized if their health condition prevents them from working, particularly in a manner that takes away health coverage and access to treatments and services. This proposed work requirement punishes people with poor health.
The many barriers in this Medicaid proposal mean that there will likely be gaps in healthcare coverage that deny people the opportunity to access care. This works against what the program was supposed to achieve. Thanks for allowing me to comment on this waiver.
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