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Sep 18th 2018 5:24 pm Response: #373417 I understand that South Dakota is seeking to change the medicaid rules for our state. I would like to suggest that they not be changed for one simple reason. In spite of the fact that we rank 28th in the nation in household income, we have four counties whose income ranks below the poverty level and at less than half the national household income level. We have two of the poorest if not the poorest counties in the entire country. We have people living here who live in conditions similar to the poorest third wold countries. I plead with the commission to, if anything make medicaid benefits more easily attained in those areas. Lanny Stricherz Sioux Falls SD
Sep 18th 2018 6:46 pm Response: #373477 Please deny South Dakota's Medicaid waiver request. Rather than help poor families, it would hurt them.
Yours truly,
Andrine Stricherz
Sioux Falls, SD
Sep 18th 2018 8:00 pm Response: #373489 Don’t let the South Dakota legislators take away our Medicaid!
Sep 19th 2018 11:15 am Response: #373505 Please help preserve Medicaid for the lowest-income parents of South Dakota.
Thank you,
Sister Eileen Brick
Sep 20th 2018 4:51 pm Response: #375197 I am a college student and this issue came to my attention after I participated in a poverty simulation for class credit. The simulation was an eye opening experience for me and helped me realize how privileged of a life I live. The position I took in the simulation put me below the poverty line, but just barely. It was a very hard time balancing all the daily stressors and taking care of the kids with the amount of money and resources I was given. The people who had jobs in my "family" for the simulation worked so many hours and even had multiple jobs at times, yet still could not cover all of the monthly expenses. Reading that there is a debate to reduce or eliminate Medicaid to families at below than half the poverty line is very concerning. In the simulation I was directly under the poverty line and had trouble with my family let alone if I was not even half way to the poverty line. Yes, it would make sense to make sure people are working enough hours to qualify for certain benefits, but why wouldn't they be? They are barely surviving as it is. They don't have time to not work all day. I don't think this issue needs an extensive education or understanding of economics to make the right decision. There is no way people of that status would be able to afford any other healthcare, and if that got taken away, what other chance would they have? I think our time would be better spent worrying and helping people find resources and build their skills to better their lives rather than police the amount of hours they work in order to be "rewarded" healthcare. Please take careful consideration into this matter and remember that people's lives are at stake, not just the budget.
Sep 21st 2018 9:55 am Response: #375213 The only thing these wavers do is allow the state to cut people off medicaid. Parents that do not make enough for subsidized insurance but won't qualify for medicaid NEED IT and their children and the other people these parents take care of NEED THEM TO HAVE IT. This will keep people sicker, families sicker, and communities sicker.
Sep 21st 2018 11:37 am Response: #375425 The intent of Medicaid is to insure health coverage for those who live in poverty. If we attach a work requirement, many will lose their coverage. It is more costly for a person to be uninsured. Those already struggling may need to pay for childcare, and may not be able to afford it. They could then end up losing their Medicaid, and then everyone suffers. Please do not approve South Dakota’s proposal. It will end up hurting those who have the greatest need. Thank you, Karen Brokenleg
Sep 21st 2018 1:41 pm Response: #376541 The South Dakota State Government request to alter Medicaid is a cruel and discriminatory plan that targets the state's most vulnerable citizens and leaves them and their family members just one illness or injury away from even greater financial hardship. Please do not allow the state to remove this vital safety net from those who are already faced with myriad financial challenges.
Sep 21st 2018 2:49 pm Response: #376681 I urge that the waiver not be accepted by the state of South Dakota. Those who need their current assistance through Medicaid and Chip are in very vulnerable situations. Each one is different. To require that a work requirement be placed on them before they can receive assistance will undoubtedly place many of them in a very precarious situation--and make even more complex a life that is often caught in limited transportation, education, child care and health provisions. To add a work requirement without knowing the individual circumstances is a very dangerous precedent and has unknown and unintended consequences for many of our most vulnerable populations. Thank you for your consideration of my request that you NOT pass the waiver. S. Kathleen Bierne, pbvm
Sep 21st 2018 3:26 pm Response: #376905 Hello,
I am a psychologist, and oppose the proposed work requirements for Medicaid. Those who can work often initiate that process, frequently with the help of voc rehab, community health centers, case workers, etc. Many are unable due to physical and mental health issues, and their risk for losing Medicaid would only compound their already vulnerable status. This proposal is not the way to help these individuals who are already vulnerable and often disadvantaged for many reasons. Please do not add additional requirements, and do not risk denying people aid that helps them survive. I oppose the waiver, and its potential to harm vulnerable people who need assistance for numerous reasons.
Connie Graber, PsyD
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