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Kentucky HEALTH - Application and CMS STCs

Jul 19th 2018 5:03 pm Response: #319121 The Kentucky HEALTH application states as its chief aim, in its first pages, as decreasing the number of Kentuckians receiving Medicaid benefits. The waiver application sees health insurance for poor Kentuckians as an a priori harm and bases this claim on debunked myths about Medicaid expansion, which is largely paid for by the Federal government and which is associated in many studies with job expansion in participating states. This perverted aim, based on economic myth, drives the baffling choices in the rest of the waiver application -- from decreasing the number of eligible Kentuckians, to restructuring the plan based on high deductibles (shown time and again to be a barrier to care), to decreasing benefits, to making eligibility dependent on work requirements that have not been shown to promote health. The "My Rewards" accounts are infantilizing and insulting, showing just how little CMS or the government of the Commonwealth understands the health needs of Kentucky's citizens.
Jul 19th 2018 5:41 pm Response: #319129 As a physician specializing in pediatric hospital medicine, I strongly oppose these discriminatory “work requirements”. Caregivers for chronically ill children with complex medical needs must also have access to health care. Most constituents who are at risk of losing Medicaid are already working one or more jobs. This is simply punishing the poor and vulnerable to attempt to pay for the trillion dollar deficit from the GOP’s tax cut.
Jul 19th 2018 5:49 pm Response: #319133 Hell yes it needs to be approved. Why would someone who is able to work be allowed to sit home and not do anything and collect welfare and be eligible for Medicaid. Yes, Approve this. Kentucky cannot continue to fund the cost of the Medicaid program.
Jul 19th 2018 6:10 pm Response: #319137 Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this important subject. It is very important that Medicaid beneficiaries ARE NOT subjected to work requirements. Plenty of research shows how much of a burden they can be for those on Medicaid - even harming those who are supposed to be exempt from the requirements. Work referral and job training programs are a step in the right direction but work requirements should not be a condition to accessing health care. The government should not set criteria to determine who is "worthy" of Medicaid. Work requirements simply detract from Medicaid's mission to provide health insurance to vulnerable populations.
Jul 19th 2018 6:10 pm Response: #319141 I think KY should be allowed to institute work requirements and any other requirements for medicaid recipients they deem necessary. As a provider in Kentucky I see medicaid recipients everyday who are abusing the system by qualifying for benefits when they really should not. Our current system has become a lifestyle instead of a helping hand. I have to work to pay for my extremely expensive health care I can't find a reason that an able bodied person should not have to show some effort for their free health care.
Jul 19th 2018 6:16 pm Response: #319145 There is zero evidence that demonstrates a link between work requirements and improved health outcomes. It is shameful that Seema Verma continues to pretend otherwise.
Jul 19th 2018 6:29 pm Response: #319149 Most patients with Medicaid do in fact work. Nobody really hears about it but I know quite a few that are on Medicaid that have jobs, sometimes 2 or 3 jobs. So to claim those on Medicaid are lazy is just inaccurate. I do agree with the judge's decision that Medicaid work requirements is not right. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Jul 19th 2018 7:08 pm Response: #319161 I am 61 years old and worked for 40 years, 30 of those as a nurse, while also taking care of a disabled husband. I was having problems with my back and after my husbands death 1 year ago I began recieving his social security survivor benefits which was basically the same as my take home pay from work. I signed up for medicaid for the first time in my life. I paid into the system for years.
I have multiple bulging disks in my back, degenerative disk disease, facet joint disease. All this from wear and tear from hard work. While I agree that those who can work should, I feel that that those who have worked hard and are over 55 or 60 should be exempt from the work requirement. While a lot of people can continue to work past 65, there are also alot of us who can't and don't fit into the very narrow category of medically frail. These people are at a stage in their life where multiple medical problems pop up, we deal with arthritis, joint pain from years of work and several people die unexpectedly in their late 50's to early 60's, like my husband did.
Food stamps and other programs for seniors don't have work requirements for those 60 and older. Also there are states who cut off these requirements at 55 or 60.
There will be people in the 55 and over age group that will die if these requirements proceed as written. Many like me will lose coverage at a time in our lives when we are most vulnerable and won't be able to seek treatment until it becomes too late for us and when it will be more expensive to cover.
We've worked hard and only need help until medicare kicks in at 65. We've paid in so alot of people could have care, now it's our turn to have some help for a few years. It's scary getting older and not knowing what might happen to you and even scarier to think that if it does happen you can't recieve care because you can't afford it PLEASE consider an age cutoff of 55 or 60 for work requirements.
Thank you
Jul 19th 2018 7:55 pm Response: #319169 Stop the attack on KY's poor and indigent.
Jul 19th 2018 8:07 pm Response: #319173 The government should not set unreasonable requirements to determine who is worthy of Medicaid. Work requirements detract from Medicaid's mission to provide health insurance to less fortunate citizens.The "My Rewards" accounts videos and quizzes are insulting, showing just how little CMS or the government of Kentucky think of Medicaid recipients in Kentucky.
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