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Kentucky HEALTH - Application and CMS STCs

Jul 19th 2018 8:21 pm Response: #319177 KYHEALTH is set to be a bureaucratic nightmare, with red tape and hurdles galore, designed to limit access to Medicaid for as many beneficiaries as possible. Healthcare should not be contingent on your ability to work, or the hours you keep. Low-wage jobs have unpredictable schedules with hours that fluctuate, causing full-workers to be easily susceptible to fall below a 20hr work week. Reporting requirements associated with the work requirements make easy to miss deadlines, as well as a host of opportunities for clerical errors resulting in loss of suspension of coverage. The lockout periods are onerous and punitive in nature, resulting in no health benefits whatsoever. Removal of NEMT means that many folks in rural areas, who don't have access to public transportation, will be unable to make it to their doctors, causing negative consequences to their health, well-being, and ability to find or maintain employment. Rewards programs have been shown not to work, with most enrollees unaware of such programs or find them too complicated to utilize, so in turning dental and vision into a complicated "rewards" program you're essentially removing the benefits. Removal of dental services will cause more Kentuckians to lose teeth, put them at risk for dental related cardiovascular disease, cause them unnecessary pain which can contribute to opioid use, and diminish their ability to find and keep employment. Removal of vision services will put Kentuckians unnecessarily at risk of losing their eyesight due to a multitude of health problems including diabetes and ocular cancer, as well as impact their safety and their ability to find and maintain work. The imposition of premiums and/or copays will have a negative impact on impoverished Kentuckians, who when faced with buying food or paying for lifesaving medicine will opt to forgo their long-term health in favor of immediate concerns. Missing premiums will result in lengthy and onerous lockout periods which serve no medical purpose, and only penalize poverty. This waiver is rife with onerous and punitive provisions, which serve no medical purpose, and are meant solely to reduce access to as many people as possible, in direct opposition to the core tenants of Medicaid. KYHEALTH is bad for KY, and we don't want it here.
Jul 19th 2018 8:32 pm Response: #319181 Stop trying to take health care away from those who need it most, imposing harmful work requirements, and manufacturing imaginary crises. Go back to something that works, like the Medicaid expansion. Better yet, move forward to a Medicaid-for-all plan.
Jul 19th 2018 11:19 pm Response: #319193 Work requirements have been proven on numerous occasions to not actually encourage work, but instead needly increase suffering and prevent those in need of benefits from being able to take advantage of them.
Jul 20th 2018 2:45 am Response: #319209 KYHEALTH is plumb full of red tape whose sole purpose is to cut Medicaid access for 90k+ recipients. If you are truly passionate about #RedTapeReduction, you will not approve this waiver. Cut red tape by cutting KYHEALTH!
Jul 20th 2018 6:00 am Response: #319213 Kentuckians, when provided vision and dental services , are equipped and empowered to achieve greater financial success for themselves and therefore benefitting the entire commonwealth.
Jul 20th 2018 7:22 am Response: #319217 I support the Medicaid program and want the governor to stop trying to sabotage and destroy a program that helps millions of Kentuckians afford their health care costs.
Jul 20th 2018 7:38 am Response: #319225 Benefits being re-instated means that our patients (I work at an FQHC) don't have to wonder if they can get their infected tooth taken care of. They know that they can now receive the care they deserve, as people, without worrying about if they can afford anything else afterwards. People are going to be able to actually take care of their dental needs and not die from infections that could have been easily treated. Our patients are a vulnerable population, they need access to basic health care, as does everyone, without worrying if getting care means they are going to lose housing for the ability to feed their families.
Jul 20th 2018 7:45 am Response: #319229 How people think it is okay for others in our country to go without basic health coverage is beyond me. Dental infections are very, very serious, how do we expect some of our poorest citizens to stay healthy if they cannot see a doctor at a responsible rate?! Having work requirements is absurd and an attack on some of our poorest citizens, those who are in need of the most help. As a state we should be ashamed that we even considered taking away benefits for those who need it most. We are not a country for the rich and wealthy, we are a country for everyone, no matter what. And yes, sometimes that means you need assistance, and that's okay, because I would rather help a million people, than watch someone die from something entirely preventable! Everyone deserves the right to basic medical, dental, vision and behavioral health care. End of Story.
Jul 20th 2018 8:04 am Response: #319233 I strongly oppose work requirements for Medicaid. It is one more attempt to reduce the roles rather than solve the health care problem. How can we deny good healthcare to anyone? the right to healthcare is the right to life.
Jul 20th 2018 8:06 am Response: #319237 I think the requirements of the Medicaid Waiver are disgraceful. Not everyone wants "upward mobility"...not everyone wants or needs to make a six figure salary. We need people who are willing to serve in low-income positions - day care workers, house cleaners, etc. and the offset is health insurance, otherwise, they would never be able to afford it.
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