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Mississippi Medicaid Workforce Training Initiative - Updated

Jul 19th 2018 1:44 pm Response: #319097 This proposal will end up reducing Medicaid coverage for adults and their children. Not only will some not be able to meet the work requirements and thus lose coverage (which would be harmful to their health and wellbeing), but others will lose coverage because by meeting the work requirement they will earn more than the state's eligibility limit -- and still not qualify for subsidies under the federal marketplace plans. This proposal endangers the health of Mississippi families, with potential long-term consequences.
Jul 19th 2018 1:47 pm Response: #319101 I am strongly opposed to this waiver application as it embeds a Catch-22 within the Medicaid. If an adult does not work, they will not qualify for Medicaid. If an adult works 20 hours or more per week at the federal minimum wage, they will not qualify for Medicaid. This is absurd.

This waiver is designed to dramatically decrease Mississippi's Medicaid rolls without acting in any manner to improve the health of currently qualified beneficiaries. It is a farce and it should be rejected.
Jul 19th 2018 2:07 pm Response: #319105 Work requirements hurt more people than they help. People are on Medicaid because they, or a loved one, have a long-term condition that private insurance won't cover. with that comes functional limitations and/or barriers to transportation and other services. this is really kicking people when they are down. don't do it.
Jul 19th 2018 5:11 pm Response: #319125 Imposing work requirements for health care coverage places an undue burden on the most medically vulnerable in Mississippi.
Jul 19th 2018 6:40 pm Response: #319153 Thank you for the opportunity to comment on such an important subject. Medicaid beneficiaries should NOT be subjected to work requirements. There is simply no research that it improves the workforce without it also harming those who should have been exempt. Work requirements are being used a guise to simply cut enrollment and save costs. It does not further the mission of Medicaid, which is to provide vulnerable populations with health insurance. I am in support of work training and work referral programs but I am against work requirements for the Medicaid program.
Jul 19th 2018 6:50 pm Response: #319157 A work requirement would create a burdensome hurdle for individuals that qualify for Medicaid. A work requirement would take time and energy for individuals, many whom either already work or are unable to, to prove their status. This will act as a deterrent to a public program that can significantly improve these individual’s lives.
Jul 19th 2018 10:03 pm Response: #319185 This is immoral and disgusting.

Did I miss the expanding part of this proposal?
Jul 19th 2018 11:56 pm Response: #319197 The evidence from an array of rigorous evaluations,[3] however, does not support the view that work requirements are highly effective, as their proponents often claim. Instead, the research shows:

Employment increases among recipients subject to work requirements were modest and faded over time (for more, see Finding #1).
Stable employment among recipients subject to work requirements proved the exception, not the norm (for more, see Finding #2).
Most recipients with significant barriers to employment never found work even after participating in work programs that were otherwise deemed successful (for more, see Finding #3).
Over the long term, the most successful programs supported efforts to boost the education and skills of those subject to work requirements, rather than simply requiring them to search for work or find a job (for more, see Finding #4).
The large majority of individuals subject to work requirements remained poor, and some became poorer (for more, see Finding #5).
Voluntary employment programs can significantly increase employment without the negative impacts of ending basic assistance for individuals who can’t meet mandatory work requirements (for more, see Finding #6).
Jul 19th 2018 11:58 pm Response: #319201 This is insulting, please require Mississippi provide health insurance to all of their residents first. I recommend Medicaid natarr with Medicaid expansion. This is a catch 22 and unhelpful
Jul 20th 2018 0:00 am Response: #319205 Arkansas has already had 7,000 people fail to miss deadlines in the first month. Come on.
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