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Healthy Texas Women

Jul 13th 2017 5:41 am Response: #228621 Medicaid dollars should be used to help women and families in their medical needs. Abortions are not a service that should be funded by Medicaid. Planned Parenthood is profiting from our tax dollars and Texans need to take a stand against this terrible act that is hurting women and killing babies. I am asking you to please pass this waiver to stop Medicaid dollars to Planned Parenthood and let us use these tax dollars to help women with actual healthcare.
Jul 12th 2017 7:21 pm Response: #228593 I wholeheartedly support the Healthy Texas Women waiver.
I am tired to have Planned Parenthood tap into our tax dollars.
An organization that performs 1 in 3 abortions in our Country, a shady organization that sells baby body parts to increase their bottom line is NOT an organization I want to entrust TX women to.
TX women deserve better!
Jul 12th 2017 5:24 pm Response: #228577 Planned Parenthood provides very little to women's healthcare, and a whole lot of providing abortions that have made this organization rich. Let Texas provide for women's health through other qualified programs without Planned Parenthood benefiting from receiving more money.
Jul 11th 2017 10:56 pm Response: #228481 As a physician living and working in family medicine in Texas I am totally opposed to any restriction to women's health access in Texas. In view of the dismal health statistics in Texas (high obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and perinatal mortality- see To restrict a woman's access to any healthcare provider that counsels or provides abortions in order to restrict a woman's legal right to abortion also restricts all women's access to healthcare and is legally, morally and ethically wrong. Abortion is legal in the US. To give a waiver to Texas based on the right to restrict which healthcare a woman can seek gives the ability to Texas lawmakers to go around this right established by the Supreme Court. Even worse, in trying to "save the life of an unborn child", keeping any woman from accessing healthcare available is contributing to the death and disability of women already living. As a physician, a human being and a woman this is wrong. Please reject the proposal. Make Texas prove that they can improve the health of women with their plans before they "try out" this plan on women.
Jul 5th 2017 8:15 pm Response: #228381 This program should be approved only if freedom of provider choice is maintained. This include Planned Parenthood and the hospital systems and other providers who offer abortions. Without the traditional family planning providers this will not work. The current Texas program is failing due to lack of qualified providers. Don't exacerbate the problem
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