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The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0 - Amendment

Jun 14th 2017 8:46 am Response: #228253 Work requirements should apply only to able-bodied adults, not to those who are elderly, children, full time students, or too disabled to work.
Jun 14th 2017 8:17 am Response: #228249 I would like for our government representatives to consider the impact to individuals in very specific situations with this amendment. While I do not require marketplace insurance or HIP, I know a number of individuals both professionally and personally that do. As a Higher Education professor, I mentor and counsel traditional and non-traditional students regarding the best plans for their academic success. I have had a number of students whom I advise that are in situations regarding an appeal process due to not prioritizing their mental health needs. I can bear witness to the truth that if an individual is struggling with a mental health disease or traumatic event, that person is highly at risk for academic failure or at the very least not performing to their fullest potential.

Additionally, personally, a grandparent in our family is waiting on an organ transplant. If the spouse, who is also acting as watchful caregiver and requires to be present 24-7, were required to be seeking employment to be be eligible for HIP 2.0 this would be impossible. This loved family member's extreme and life-saving health need would supersede the spouse's desire for their own healthcare plan. This then puts the spouse (caregiver) in jeopardy if a fluke accident or other emergency would occur.

I believe that it is time that the person is placed before the need for systematic justification of eligibility. Without additional clarification, this provision only works to make meeting requirements for "affordable health care" less accessible. Please consider the professional opinions of the education community and any documented family health circumstances. Providing the means for encouraging work ethic and pursuit, while also acknowledging the most appropriate plan for the individual is the best ideal. I hope that this balance can be achieved.
Jun 14th 2017 7:15 am Response: #228245 The work requirement is unnecessary and burdensome.
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