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The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0 - Amendment

Aug 22nd 2017 8:48 pm Response: #310405 There are many people on medicaid expansion who are genuinely disabled. Disability applications for SSI have decreased because disabled people can now get coverage on the expansion without having to apply for disability. Work requirements are counter productive and any suggestion that they are not punitive is ridiculous. Work requirements will be costly to administer and cover fewer people. If anyone can explain how covering fewer people at a higher cost is better, please do.
Aug 23rd 2017 12:02 pm Response: #310425 Studies have already shown that most people on medicaid who can work do work. They need no incentive to seek employment because who would chose to have zero income and be poor? Seriously?
All work requirements do is kick sick people who can't work off the expansion. Is that the ultimate goal? What about people who live in areas with no transportation and no places to even find employment? What is the defintion of medically frail? What if a person looks healthy but has an invisible disability? Or not yet approved for disability? Or taking care of family? You see, these are real world scenarios that only the poor face.
Aug 23rd 2017 6:20 pm Response: #310441 Why would a person who is so poor to qualify for medicaid choose not to be employed? SNAP and TANF have work requirements. Who are these people who are not working by choice? I would guess they can not work or can not find employment. These are the people you want to lose medicaid coverage?
Aug 24th 2017 1:21 pm Response: #310465 Comments attached.
Aug 24th 2017 1:31 pm Response: #310469 Medicaid is a national healthcare insurance program. It is not welfare. Why are republicans trying to make medicaid into a welfare program? Everyone should know this is what they are doing. Fundamentally altering medicaid to fit a conservative agenda at the risk of millions of peoples lives. Fix the individual market and leave medicaid alone!
Aug 24th 2017 3:13 pm Response: #310505 Study: Medicaid Expansion Is Leading To Fewer Requests For Disability Benefits

"Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act could save the government money by causing fewer people to sign up for disability benefits, according to a new study from Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

The research team found a 3-4 percent reduction in the number of people receiving supplemental security income — which benefits disabled people with lower incomes — in states that expanded Medicaid."

Please take this into consideration when considering "work requirements". Work requirements are a bad idea!
Aug 24th 2017 4:07 pm Response: #310509 The American Diabetes Association respectfully submits the attached comments.
Aug 24th 2017 4:45 pm Response: #310517 Please see the attached comments.

Thank you,
Cheryl Cortemeglia
Aug 25th 2017 12:10 pm Response: #310525 Having to work to receive medicaid is one of the worst proposals Republicans have submitted yet in regards to healthcare.
Aug 29th 2017 2:36 pm Response: #310585 I oppose the addition of a work requirement in any medicaid program because it will prove impossible to identify all the people who are unable to work due to health problems. There is no way to possibly guarantee that people who can not work due to health problems won't be subject to a work requirment as able bodied has no real definition. What if a person has health problems that are different day to day? Are they able bodied one day and disabled the next?
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