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The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0 - Amendment

Jun 15th 2017 9:51 am Response: #228285 There should be no work requirement for qualifying Hoosiers to receive Medicaid. Healthcare is a human right and no one should be denied access because they struggle to find employment.
Jun 16th 2017 7:48 am Response: #228289 Please do not require this. Not all people are able to work because of circumstances such as health, taking care of an infirm family member, a small child. This is not a good idea.
Jun 20th 2017 10:26 am Response: #228297 kjjkkkklll
Jun 22nd 2017 8:38 am Response: #228309 Please see attached comments from Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky on the proposed Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 amendment. Thank you.
Jun 22nd 2017 9:16 am Response: #228313 Gateway to Work doesn't work well to begin with, making it mandatory isn't going to make it a less of a waste of time and resources. Creating another hoop for people to jump through just makes an already difficult system to navigate even more difficult. This will only result in more time and energy from participants being spent navigating that system. It's common knowledge in social services that navigating health care in Indiana is a part time job in and of itself. Adding more to that job just means that people have less time to figure out how to get out of their current situation and into a better one. I want to believe that this idea was conceived with the best of intentions. But if the intent is to get people working, don't bother spending time and money asking Medicaid to require it AND enforce it -- people already want to, and we already have Dept of Workforce Development and other departments with all hands on deck. Don't waste money on administering this amendment.
Jun 22nd 2017 9:45 am Response: #228317 People who are in need of healthcare through these programs already face too many hurdles. "Work for your care" does not work for the community. There are many who are unable to do so, and those that can work, do work. To say "you must work or study" places an unneccesary burden on those who cannot do either. NO other state has this 'requirement' and we in Indiana are already SO behind in our thinking on SO many public services, partially due to the backwards thinking of our former governor and his unrealistic ideals. Please do NOT pass this as a requirement for care. People will die.
Jun 22nd 2017 12:37 pm Response: #228325 I have some concerns regarding the proposed Medicaid changes. I am wondering how many Medicaid recipients have been talked with as stakeholders in this program and if their concerns are actually being heard.

Here are the changes as I understand them and my concerns:

(1) require beneficiaries to participate in Gateway to Work, the HIP job training and employment services program

Many Medicaid recipients are already employed. To require a job training program might interfere with their work. Additionally, a number of recipients are babies, foster children or adopted children who receive Medicaid as a subsidy - a secondary insurance plan for parents who provide primary policies. Will these children or their parents be required to do job training? For the most disabled of Hoosiers, working is simply not an option. Many are bedridden or require 24 hour care. These are not people who should be asked to join the workforce.

Caring for a disabled person is a full-time, unpaid job - people do not wish to see their loved ones institutionalized. Before placing time requirements upon families, these realities should be taken into account.

(2) change the monthly premium contributions from two percent of a beneficiary's income to income tiers that are about two percent of income

This proposed change is unclear. It suggests that people will need to pay more for their insurance to offset costs. Has anyone performed any kind of study to see how people already living below the poverty line will be affected? In households where every penny counts, it seems very wrong to insist on higher premiums without consulting these families as stakeholders.

(3) phasing out the HIP Employer Link employer sponsored insurance program

What would this program be replaced with? Or are we to allow people to become underinsured again?

Frankly, these proposals leave us with more questions than answers.
Jun 24th 2017 6:25 pm Response: #228329 I live in Indiana and rely on HIP 2.0 for my health insurance. I suffer from Bi-polar Disorder which has made it difficult to find and keep a job in recent years. HIP allows me to receive essential medication and therapy to help me get better. If a work requirement is imposed I will lose coverage and have to rely on an overburdened charity care system. A work requirement is just another way to kick people off of Medicaid. These people will still need medical care and either die, use emergency rooms, or go bankrupt. Keep the program as is. No work requirement!
Jun 28th 2017 2:29 pm Response: #228333 HIP should remain available for people who are too ill to work (this includes mental illness), so that they can receive the treatment they need in order to get well, and re-enter the workplace when they are healthy enough. Forcing people to work before they are well enough will cause them unnecessary pain and setbacks. The purpose of this program to help those members of our community who are most vulnerable. The government needs to do the right thing.
Jul 6th 2017 10:48 am Response: #228389 The American Diabetes Association respectfully submits the attached comments.
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