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The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) 2.0 - Amendment

Aug 29th 2017 4:41 pm Response: #310593 Why is the term "able bodied, (which is questionable) childless adults" being used as sort of an insult, as if this group is undeserving of health care (medicaid) where as people with children are worthy of health care? It seems that childless adults are being punished for being childless? I am against all the changes in HIP 2.0 especially the work requirement.
Aug 30th 2017 7:43 am Response: #310601 On behalf of our more than 170 member hospitals, the Indiana Hospital Association is pleased to provide the attached comment letter on the State of Indiana’s proposed Section 1115 waiver (HIP 2.0) and reiterates our strong support for renewal of this critical program.
Aug 31st 2017 2:06 pm Response: #310629 Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky respectfully submits comments via the attached letter.
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