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Healthy Ohio Program

Aug 5th 2016 3:48 pm Response: #217549 Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio is pleased to submit comments on the proposed Healthy Ohio 1115 Demonstration Wavier (“Healthy Ohio Program”) on behalf of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region (PPSWO) and Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio (PPGOH) – collectively “Planned Parenthood”.
Aug 5th 2016 3:12 pm Response: #217545 Attached are comments on behalf of University Hospitals regarding the proposed Healthy Ohio waiver.
Aug 5th 2016 2:36 pm Response: #217533 See attached
Aug 5th 2016 2:25 pm Response: #217529 Please do NOT change Ohio's Medicaid program to the new program called "Healthy Ohio" that will make Ohioans less healthy. The new plan would impose premiums, higher co-pays, and a health savings account on Medicaid enrollees. It is estimated these measures would decrease enrollment between 9 and 15 percent from its current level. Early studies of Ohio's Medicaid expansion to more than 670,000 new enrollees have found impressive improvement in chronic disease among enrollees. This gain in health would be lost by that 9-15% that can not afford to pay the increased costs. In addition, there are administrative costs associated with premiums and co-pays. Often these costs exceed the funds collected in addition to reducing healthcare to many. Because Blacks and Latinos on average have lower wages than Whites, this new plan would disproportionately harm minority communities. Waiver of the Federal program should center on how to improve the program rather than how to penalize people and reduce their access to healthcare.
Aug 5th 2016 2:21 pm Response: #217525 Attached please find comments on behalf of University Hospitals regarding the proposed Healthy Ohio waiver.
Aug 5th 2016 2:10 pm Response: #217517 I think this will hurt the poor even more.
Aug 5th 2016 1:58 pm Response: #217509 The Ohio Association of Foodbanks is Ohio’s largest charitable response to hunger. Our twelve member foodbanks and network of over 3,000 member charities that provide emergency food assistance see hungry Ohioans who make difficult choices between food, medicine, and medical care on a daily basis. Our consortium of ten federally-funded Affordable Care Act (ACA) Navigator agencies help consumers to enroll in and use health coverage, including Medicaid. The Healthy Ohio demonstration waiver as proposed by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) will create barriers for low-income Ohioans to receive the care they need. Parts of the proposal have merit, particularly the Bridge Accounts to help people transition to private coverage, but the net impact of the waiver would be to reduce Medicaid enrollment and make it more difficult for low-income Ohioans to access healthcare. The Association encourages the Department of Health and Human Services to reject this waiver request in its entirety.

Please see the attachment for further comments regarding barriers created by this waiver request.
Aug 5th 2016 1:52 pm Response: #217505 To Whom it May Concern,

Please find the attached comments from The Center for Health Affairs regarding the Healthy Ohio Program. I am happy to answer any questions on behalf of The Center should any arise.

Thank you,

Tony Gutowski
Manager of Government Relations
The Center for Health Affairs
Aug 5th 2016 1:42 pm Response: #217501 Letter from Neighborhood Family Practice, Cleveland, Ohio and letters submitted on behalf of our patients.
Aug 5th 2016 1:21 pm Response: #217493 I write on behalf of the Sisters of Charity Health System to offer the attached letter commenting on the Health Ohio program.

If any additional information is requested, I’m happy to provide it.

Thank you,

Kyle Miller
Government Affairs and Public Policy

Sisters of Charity Health System
2475 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
Office: 216.875.4607
Mobile: 216.387.0188
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