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Healthy Ohio Program

Jul 13th 2016 11:50 am Response: #209441 This is outrageous. I oppose the “Healthy Ohio” Medicaid Waiver. The proposed changes will make health care unaffordable for me and the 1 million other low income Ohioans on Medicaid. This proposal would hurt the recent progress Ohio has made in increasing access to health care. Deaths will result.

My current Medicaid coverage (finally obtained in 2014) allowed me to get treatment for cancer and for type 1 diabetes. I work, am a real estate agent, am a caretaker for my elderly mother and cannot obtain healthcare anywhere except Medicaid. I did not have any access to any healthcare for 13 years. The costs of insulin almost bankrupted us. I lost just about everything I had after my healthcare coverage was removed in 2001 for the crime of being a working diabetic. I survived.

Under “Healthy Ohio” if I can’t afford to pay my premium, I will lose my health coverage which will mean I won’t be able to get chemotherapy and insulin. What an absolute outrage. Of course we can't afford the premiums. That is why we are on Medicaid. We have no choice. We work and are kept in poverty by medical needs/costs. Who thinks we would "choose" this? Who "chooses" cancer and diabetes and suffering and the resulting poverty?

Patients are already paying costs for items/services/products not covered by Medicaid. Our lives are already nearly impossible. Now, GOP politicians in Ohio are playing more games with healthcare for purely political reasons, as usual.

The constant filings with the Supreme Court to block healthcare access for working Americans did not serve as intended for the GOP in Congress, so now the states have to attempt to stop healthcare access. Killing Americans never makes any difference to the GOP--they serve insurers first. This is the well known history of the attempts to block healthcare for working Americans. It is the most horrendous activity our corrupt politicians engage in. 48,000 Americans died each year due to this corruption in Congress and the expansion of healthcare access under the Obama administration has saved millions of lives and tax dollars already.

Why should working, chronically-ill, poor Ohioans have to endure this additional insult from our taxpayer-supported political players? What on earth would prompt these wealthy GOP office occupants to take time to again attack the chronically ill, working poor in Ohio, wasting our tax dollars in this needless process? As Sen. Sherrod Brown has noted, this is, "...politics at its worst."
Jul 12th 2016 6:40 pm Response: #209393 I'm a pediatrician with 40 years' practice experience. I worked at Kaiser in cleveland and it was very clear that any impediment to parents getting care for their children resulted in poor health. We already have the worst child health of all developed countries. The ideology which justifies this is both sick and cruel, as well as very expensive. Turn it down!!!!
Karl W. Hess, MD, FAAP
Jul 8th 2016 6:11 pm Response: #209193 This is sick!!
You are already taking a group who has to choose rent verses medication and you are taking more resources away. If they do not do it then you place them in harms way. This is systemic abuse of individual with special needs and violates their ADA rights in my book.
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