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Healthy Ohio Program

Aug 7th 2016 10:55 pm Response: #217637 Will this be a start of an eventual slippery slope to increased premiums- beyond the $8.25 per month?
Aug 7th 2016 8:53 pm Response: #217633 Please see my attached letter in support of approval of the Healthy Ohio waiver request.
Aug 7th 2016 4:18 pm Response: #217629 Attached please find the comments of the National Health Law Program. Please contact Leonardo Cuello ( if you have any questions.
Aug 7th 2016 9:54 am Response: #217625 This process has the potential to instill pride into the recipients of Ohio Medicaid by making them partially responsible, instead of shamed by the need for public assistance. It also sets the stage to lift them up and onward to a better life overall. Lastly, it also has the potential to control the costs to the taxpayers. I strongly support this approach.

Jennifer L. Guy
Columbus, Ohio
Aug 7th 2016 7:09 am Response: #217621 I feel this new program would be a disaster for the whole medical system in the state. People get put on Medicaid because they do not have enough income to be able to afford regular insurance. All this program would do is force many people to be uninsured. This would mean even more higher costs for an already burdened system. People would not the preventative care that they need when costs are lower. They would flood emergency rooms when their health is bad and more costly to cure. Please do not pass this joke of a change to Medicaid. If you do, the low income population will suffer even more.
Aug 6th 2016 6:30 pm Response: #217617 This is so unfair. We are struggling enough as it is,especially when you have to rely on public assistance. We already struggle to make ends meet and keep food on the table. We only get the bare minimal health care by being on medicare/medicaid. Then some have outrageous spend downs that keep them from getting the proper care needed. This will just make it even harder. If this happens, will we get better care? Will we have more treatment options? Its a shame for us to have to keep struggling just to live and have some quality of life. This isn't fair, it will be a death sentence to many people.
Aug 6th 2016 5:26 pm Response: #217613 This is a bad change. The ones who would suffer most are children. Healthcare should be available for all children at all times.
Aug 6th 2016 4:01 pm Response: #217609 To whom it may concern:

I write you about the Ohio Submission of the so-called "Healthy Ohio Program" as a recently retired family physician, who spent four decades of practice serving the poor, first in Detroit and then for three decades in Cleveland at our city's public hospital, MetroHealth.

Unfortunately, the Ohio General Assembly gave the Department of Medicaid a thankless task - to try to fashion a waiver request not motivated by a commitment to quality care, but rather to fit a set of ideological presuppositions about personal responsibility and financial skin in the game.

Metro and other institutions have struggled with these issues for years, instituting modest co-pays for the uninsured, based on income. We have always had systems that created exceptions based on decisions by the providers because of clinical need.

Taking Medicaid insurance away after two months of nonpayment of a premium creates a major financial barrier to care. People won't come back when they get a letter from Ohio's Medicaid Department saying they don't have insurance, so the urgency of their health needs can't be evaluated. I can't tell you how many times in practice I was dismayed when patients with chronic disease came back after not getting care for a year or two because they lost their insurance, Medicaid or employer-sponsored. They apparently didn't understand that Metro, our public hospital, provided free or low cost care to all in the County.

Nor can I tell you how many times I loaned $5 or $10 to patients until the next visit so they could pick up their medicines.

The administrative costs of the new waiver proposal deserve a detailed study. Not only will the implementation of the debit card cost the Department more than the value they offer, but the costs to institutions providing care to these patients will be great - both in dollars and in wasted time trying to stay legal in handling messy human interactions.

Medicaid is an important component of Ohio's health care system. Yes, it can be improved. But the steps laid out in the current waiver point in the wrong direction. The create obstacles instead of smoothing the path to quality care for the very needy populations Medicaid serves.

I understand that 99% of the comments received at the state level opposed the proposal, but they made not one substantive change as a result. Therefore, I request that the federal Office of Medicaid deny this waiver request.

Kenneth B. Frisof MD
Aug 6th 2016 3:11 pm Response: #217605 I'm 65, if they institute a fee, then I won't have that insurance because I'm a pensioner on fixed income.
Aug 6th 2016 10:41 am Response: #217601 I do not support the proposed Healthy Ohio Program. It punishes the sick, disabled (but not on disability), and lower income individuals and families, while in turn funding a bureaucracy and increasing complexity to the health care system. Someone could experience a costly car repair and be forced to choose between that repair or their own health care maintenance, such as prescription for maintaining their health, such as diabetes medication. Their plan could be cancelled! If they need their car to get to work, what choice do you think they will be forced to make? This plan is disastrous. There are countless scenarios like this that would be severely detrimental to families and individuals struggling to make ends meet and maintain their health so that they can continue their jobs and contributing to their community. Again, this plan punishes the poor and needy. Say NO to the Healthy Ohio Program. There is nothing Healthy about it!
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