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Healthy Ohio Program

Jul 22nd 2016 2:38 pm Response: #217117 Please see the attached comments from the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers.
Randy Runyon, CEO
Jul 24th 2016 6:47 am Response: #217125 I am Angela Bossone, I've been on the community and home waiver since 1992, whatever babe the government wants to waste money to call it. Bottom line is I've never had as much problems getting the services paid for as I am having now!! The billing went to collection and I'm fighting it because in the past I did not have to pay. I was told it was covered, the company told the same yet I received a letter I'm responsible! What???? This demo program is the worst I cannot wait until it is OVER! I want to be able to have the assistant with my medical without wasting so much time and tax payers money. The few years are awful and I wish the people responsible would pay me for the aggravation that I've gone through the years of my life that is being cut short because of the stress. I'm not sure where they can start to fix this but it needs to be FIXED or back to the way it was before! Maybe instead of cutting back on our services and caregivers pay, they should cut back on the money they are wasting on name changing, paying the insurance companies that pay the bills, the third parties that over charge. The worst is a person who has been getting a supply for 20 years, they know it's needed yet they have to go to the doctor to get a prescription to go to a physical therapist, then to the suppliers to order the same item they've had for 20 years. Why not at some point say you are getting a replacement item, call the company work with case manager and order it? Why waste so much time and money?????? If it's new talk to case manager let them decide what needs done and have the supervisor or some other person who does this give approval. Not every item needs to go through so much crap. Sometimes the item cost less than all the visits to get the item. Where is your common sense because it's not very common when it comes to this system. When is the government going to pay for our internet, computer and ink? You make us do everything online yet we get no break in our expenses it should go in with our rent, gas, electric, car insurance. Yes I said car insurance the program paid for modifications so I can get myself places which saves government money, you require full coverage the state requires coverage, yet it's not included with ODJFS it should be!!! Hire me and you would save money, and we would get better care!
Angela Bossone 216-309-3444 or 440-845-9576
Jul 25th 2016 9:13 am Response: #217129 To Whom it May Concern:

The Center for Community Solutions (CCS) is a nonpartisan think tank focused on solutions to health, social and economic issues. Our mission is to provide strategic leadership and organize community resources to improve health, social, and economic conditions through applied demographic research, nonpartisan policy analysis and advocacy, and communication. We are hoping that the attached comments help the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in their review of the 1115 Waiver Demonstration application submitted by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (Healthy Ohio).

While ODM should be congratulated for their thorough and thoughtful comment process, we still remain very concerned with the proposal as written and believe there would be seriously harmful effects in terms of eligibility, services, care and cost if this proposal is approved. If there are any questions, we ask you please contact us via the information below.

Loren Anthes, MBA
Public Policy Fellow
The Center for Medicaid Policy
The Center for Community Solutions
Jul 25th 2016 12:00 pm Response: #217137 Our greatest concerns with the Healthy Ohio Program 1115 Demonstration Waiver include the following:
1. Waiver of retroactive eligibility and its corresponding elimination of Medicaid fee-for-service payments.
2. Application process under which an individual applies and the resulting timing of eligibility for Medicaid benefits.

Recommendation: We propose that the application process be adjusted to allow for 90-days retroactive coverage from submission of application (as it is in current law - 42 U.S.C. §1396(a)(34)) and that fee-for-service provider reimbursement continue during the current month of application and during the retroactive period if an applicant has medical bills during the current month or prior period. We also propose elimination of the requirement for the applicant to pay the first 25 percent of the Healthy Ohio cost sharing payment during the current month and prior periods if there are medical bills. We believe any entity or individual should be able to assist an applicant with their Buckeye Account payments. Attached is a detailed explanation supporting our recommendation.
Jul 25th 2016 12:54 pm Response: #217141 The MetroHealth System of Cleveland, Ohio expresses appreciation for the opportunity to provide public comments regarding The Healthy Ohio Medicaid Waiver proposal. Attached is a copy of the letter Dr. Akram Boutros, President and Chief Executive of The MetroHealth System, submitted to the Ohio Department of Medicaid in May 2016 to express concerns about the Waiver and its potential impact on patients and providers. Our concerns remain the same. We welcome CMS' consideration of the issues MetroHealth raised within its May letter.
Jul 27th 2016 1:06 pm Response: #217157 The attached comments are from residents in Cleveland, Ohio.
Jul 27th 2016 9:02 pm Response: #217169 To The Honorable Secretary Sylvia Burwell:

I oppose the “Healthy Ohio” Medicaid Waiver because the proposed changes will make health care unaffordable, complicated, and challenging for the over one million other Ohioans on Medicaid. This proposal would hurt the recent progress Ohio has made in increasing access to quality health care. For families that are already surviving on a limited budget, having the additional stress of paying a yearly premium is not necessary. And risk of losing healthcare coverage altogether if patient's can't make the premium will worsen outcomnes rather making improvement to the goal of better health and wellness for all.

As a nurse at an urban community health center, I urge the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reject Ohio’s “Healthy Ohio” Waiver request.

Kathryn Foutz, RN
Jul 28th 2016 8:40 am Response: #217177 With Ohio doing away with Medicaid Spenddown effective August 1st, 2016 and the possible implications of the Healthy Ohio Waiver, I believe access to healthcare for the low income is moving in the wrong direction. I encourage CMS not to approve the submitted waiver and keep healthcare affordable to all.
Jul 28th 2016 12:45 pm Response: #217181 I am asking that you deny the Healthy Ohio Program,changes proposed by Ohio State Government. What they are proposing will deplete the Medicaid rolls. It adds an unnecessary burden and I believe it will add confusion. It's amazing to me, a Certified Application Counselor, how little people know about the ACA. People know they have health care but don't really know what they have, what all it does and can't relate it to the ACA. Ohio State needs to concentrate on educating the public and reaching out to it's citizens who do not trust what the ACA offers or just know nothing about it.
We are reaching out to communities that are under served but the state also needs to be more involved in reaching those under served communities. The State wants to charge people with no income to make this payment. I have clients with no income and those receiving just enough income to pay their rent, luckily for some utilities are included. $99.00 doesn't sound like a lot for some but for many it's the difference between paying rent, buying food. Medicaid is working as is but it can be better by reaching out to the under served communities, doing more to educate the public about ACA. As a CAC literacy is part of what we do but that is on a small group or one on one basis. The State has the wherewithal to do even more.
I disagree with all the changes they are proposing, please deny the Healthy Ohio Program. Thank you
Jul 28th 2016 3:33 pm Response: #217185 Healthy Ohio just burdens the poor more than they already are. Medicaid is supposed to help people, not further burden them.
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