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Healthy Ohio Program

Aug 6th 2016 9:24 am Response: #217597 Please approve the Healthy Ohio Program now being considered for Ohio Medicaid recipients. By enabling them to transfer to bridge HSA accounts, cost savings will be realized. This means that there will be more funds to help other needy Ohioans, as well
as more funds in the hands of taxpayers to stimulate the Ohio economy. Thank you.
Aug 6th 2016 2:15 am Response: #217589 Why would they propose to make folks pay for Medicaid benefits? These people obviously don't have money which is why they are on Medicaid in the first place.
Aug 6th 2016 1:13 am Response: #217585 PLEASE do not let pass.
I currently have Medicare card I have had 2 hip Surgeries in the last 7 months
That if I did not have This I would be so far in debt.
Thank You for allowing me to be able to use this at only 45 years old
Danielle Holland
Aug 5th 2016 9:20 pm Response: #217581 Keep Medicaid the same don't change anything
Aug 5th 2016 6:51 pm Response: #217577 This is the first year in my 20 plus years of working I've needed help with medical. I went back to school and work part time now. I'm a single mom and need every dollar possible. This would not benefit anyone like me or others as well. If I have to contribute, chances are I won't be able to finish my degree.
Aug 5th 2016 5:43 pm Response: #217573 I'm totally against this, as this would subject too many Ohioans to losing their healthcare which would also affect too many children.
Aug 5th 2016 5:29 pm Response: #217569 I'm against this. The ones on this are on it because they are poor and elderly. Stop hurting the most vulnerable of our people.
Aug 5th 2016 5:25 pm Response: #217565 We are submitting comments in opposition to the proposed Healthy Ohio waiver.
Please see our attached document.
Nancy B. King, Esq. & Eugene R. King, Esq.
Aug 5th 2016 5:13 pm Response: #217561 People who need medicaid obviously have no means to pay for healthcare. To require the eligible public to choose between paying a premium or buying food, is problematic and insensitive. There is no reason to burden poor people this way. A premium should not be required.
Aug 5th 2016 3:49 pm Response: #217553 Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio is pleased to submit comments on the proposed Healthy Ohio 1115 Demonstration Wavier (“Healthy Ohio Program”) on behalf of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region (PPSWO) and Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio (PPGOH) – collectively “Planned Parenthood”.
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